Contract Address: 0x34195fd824355aec1bdceea97697b35be691bcb3

PublicSale of BSCGold 2.0 is Live

BSCGold is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn.

1 BNB : 1 MILLION BSCGold 2.0

Launch Price will be 10x from privatesale

BSCGold 2.0

We know bear market is hard on us. But BSC Gold tried their best to help community to grow. In order to support community we are launching BSCGold 2.0 and airdroping 1:1 to community. If you hold BSCGold in wallet or exchange you will be airdroped with BSCGold 2.0

2023 Road Map:

1) New Website Launch for BSCGOLD 2.0
2) New Top 10 big Exchange for BSCGold 2.0
3)NFT to 1 million BSC Gold 2.0 Holders
4) Play to Earn Game for BSCGOLD 2.0
Thanks all community to keep supporting

BSCGold 2.0 is a gaming and NFT platform

BSCGold is main utility token based on Binance smart chain. It has working products i.e., Staking, NFT marketplace and Gaming. These things make BSCGold unique. This is a first platform that provides NFT collectibles as staking rewards. It allows holders to play, distribute, and trade without the need for centralized power, thus maintaining stable copyright ownership and earning further BSCGold (BSCG).

  • 100% community Driven Project.
  • NFT marketPlace is live.
  • Stake BSCGold and win rewards.
  • BSCGold games are live on playstore.
  • 1 Million BSCGold burnt daily.

BSCGold is a token on Binance Smart Chain boasting various impressive features. Designed with burning mechanism, the total circulation supply of BSCGold will be exponentially cut. Besides, by combining burning mechanism, innovative Auto-Liquidity function and NFT together, BSCGold liquidity is allowed to increase rapidly.

BSCGold TokenNomics

BSCGold's Token Burn Process

BSCGold team burn 1 Million daily. Burning process continue till supply will remain 50% of total supply.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Burnt: 300,000,000

Daily Burn: 1,000,0000

Monthly Burn: 30,000,000

Token Name: BSCGold

BSCGold Background

BSCGold's Metaverse

Community Driven

BSCGold is 100% community driven DeFi Token.
Three simple functions occur during each trade: Static Rewards, LP Acquisition, Manual Burn.

NFT Yeild Farming

The innovative concept of NFT Yield Farming allows NFT collections to be used in DeFi yield farming, which extraordinarily enhances NFT collections' value!

Gaming Metaverse

Focusing on game NFT metaverse, BSCGold aims to create a new financial system integrated with blockchain and game, which will make game not only an entertainment but also an investment.


First time in the crypto industry, BSCGold offers working products. Have a look!


Two Games have been Launched

BSCGOLD has launched its first game “Nitro Drive” at google playstore platform with 5000+ installation. Another game namely "Gold Surf" is launched at google playdtore platform with 100k+ installations. There are so many gaming rewards that are distributed on daily basis. The player who scored highest ever in 24 hours will be rewarded with 1 Million BSCGOLD.

NFT Marketplace

NFt artwork and entities are launched

Holders can stake BSCGold and earn free Non-Fungible Tokens arts as NFT collectibles. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. You can sell or buy NFT unique arts and own them as a valuable asset. You can also buy directly NFT arts from BSCGOLD NFT marketplace and sell them on Binance NFT platforms worthy millions of dollars.


Staking is live on BSCGold Platform

BSCG allows for staking, which enables passive income: staking BSCG gives you more BSCG as rewards. This is also the only way to obtain valuable Gems and Catalysts, all of which are needed for the production of ASSETs.


How to Buy?

1. Create a Wallet

On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet. Android and iOS users can download the Trust Wallet app on your phone.

2. Send $BNB to your BSC wallet

On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet. Android and iOS users can download the Trust Wallet app on your phone.

3. Swap $BNB for $BSCGOLD

Go to the DApps tab at the bottom, find PancakeSwap V2, click “Select a Currency”, enter the contract address in the search bar, and you should be able to find BSCGold.

BSCGold contract address:


Before the Swap, click the gear and set the slippage to 12-15%, set the amount you want to buy and click the “Swap” button.
If you are operating on the PC, please enter the PancakeSwapV2 official website and click “Connect Wallet” at the top right of the website.

BSCGold's Journey

Road Map

Listing on Exchanges

  • Listed on PanCakeswap
  • Listed on Hotbit
  • Listed on Coingecko
  • Listed on Bibox
  • Listed on CoinMarketCap


  • NFT Artwork
  • NFT Entities
  • Staking is live
  • NitroDrive Game on Google playstore
  • GoldSurf Game on Google playstore
  • Farming
  • MarketPush
  • NFT Family launch
  • Further Ecosystem Developement

Growth and Marketing

  • Twitter marketing
  • Reddit Posts
  • Youtube Influencers
  • Social media Shilling
  • Marketing Push
  • Partnership
  • MarketPush
  • NFT Farm performance Upgrade
  • Further Ecosystem Developement


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